Ze Tian Ji (Fighter of the Destiny) Mobile Game Starts Beta Test today

Since Ze Tian Ji mobile game started pre-registration for no data wipe test on April 17th, there have been around 10 million players looking forward to embarking on adventure with Chen Changsheng.

The good news is that the technical test of Ze Tian Ji mobile game begins today! You can download Ze Tian Ji APK here for free and enjoy seeking immortality on your Android now!

Test duration: June 1 - June 7
Download Ze Tian Ji APK

About the Game
Name: Fighter of the Destiny mobile game, also known as Ze Tian Ji mobile game and Way of Choices mobile game
Chinese name: 择天记

Fighter of the Destiny mobile game is the official 3D MMORPG mobile game developed by Tencent based on the two protagonists' love story in the hit Chinese fantasy martial TV series, with the same name of Fighter of the Destiny (Chinese: 择天记). Players will join the adventure with Chen Changsheng to fight against destiny and change fate.

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