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There Hasn't Been A Crappy Game Of Thrones Mobile Strategy Game Until Now

If ever there was an entertainment property ripe to be transformed into a Game of War-style mobile multiplayer strategy game, it's Game of Thrones. It looks like Warner Bros. and Turbine have finally gathered enough clip art to make Game of Thrones: Conquest happen.

In testing in select markets and now accepting pre-registration at its official website, Game of Thrones: Conquest is another one of those games in which players build and upgrade castles, recruit troops and band together to be better than the other people who've banded together.

What differentiates it from other games in the genre is that the characters who guide you through the process are from Game of Thrones instead of, say, Final Fantasy 15.

It opens with a splash screen featuring some dated artwork of two of the show's most popular characters.

And from there we launch into an endless cycle of harvesting resources to craft buildings and recruit troops in order to gather more resources to craft better buil…

Capcom’s new Puzzle Fighter is coming to mobile

Capcom’s Puzzle Fighter is coming back as a mobile game for iOS and Android devices, the publisher announced today. This time, the gem-crushing puzzle game will include more than just Street Fighter and Darkstalkers characters.

The new Puzzle Fighter will include characters like Ryu, Ken, E. Honda and Chun-Li from Street Fighter, X from Mega Man, Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Frank West from Dead Rising, Mike Haggar from Final Fight and Jill from Resident Evil. Players will choose one main character and two assist characters, each with their own abilities.

The new Puzzle Fighter will include “real-time versus battles, rewarding single player options” and other unlockable content when the game launches in late 2017. A soft launch in select territories is coming soon, Capcom said.

The first Puzzle Fighter, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, was released in arcades and for the original PlayStation in 1996. A high-definition re-release, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, hit PlayStation 3 …

Super Meat Boy Forever Is Coming In 2018

Super Meat Boy Forever is the sequel to cult classic platformer Super Meat Boy developed by Team Meat that is coming in 2018 for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

The game follows up to the original game, this time super meat boy and his partner Bandage Girl have a kid named Nugget. One day Dr. Fetus attacked them and kidnapped Nugget. In the game,  each stage can be replayed endlessly and will get harder each time you revisit it. Super Meat Boy Forever is an auto-runner game, players control meat boy with just two buttons to control them jump, perform a jump attack, a dive and a slide.

In Super Meat Boy Forever players will have daily challenges and also allows to compete with your friends for more fun. The game won't launch until the Summer 2018 at the earliest. It is still a long way away, stay tuned and we will keep you posted while any update comes.

Gumi Inc. Just Announced 'The Alchemist Code' a Mobile SRPG for Global Release This Year

Gumi Inc, a Japanese developer and publisher of mobile games including Chain Chronicle and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, revealed today an English trailer for their upcoming mobile strategy RPG The Alchemist Code. The game will be launching in English globally on both Android and iOS devices later this year and is based on "From Whom The Alchemist Exists" one of the most popular mobile games in Japan.

From what the trailer reveals, The Alchemist Code looks to be similar to Final Fantasy Tactics like game with recruitable characters (presumably through a Gatcha system). Personally, I kind of like what I see and suspect the game will do well. A mobile Final Fantasy tactics like game with some multiplayer elements could be a big hit. Especially since the game has excellent production value (anime cutscenes, voice acting, 3D battles, etc).

Subscribe us on go…

The Walking Dead: Our World sounds like Pokémon Go with zombies

AMC and Finnish developer Next Games have announced they are releasing a new location-based augmented reality mobile game, The Walking Dead: Our World, based on the hit AMC TV show.

The Walking Dead: Our World lets players fight walkers in real-life locations, a bit like Pokémon Go but with zombies. The new AR game will also see players fight alongside their favourite The Walking Dead characters including Rick, Daryl and Michonne. The characters are blended into players' real-life environment along with other digital objects.

The Walking Dead TV show is a post-apocalyptic horror series based on the comic book series, of the same name, by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. It follows a group of survivors as they fight their way through the dystopian new world, battling walkers and other survivors along the way.

The Walking Dead: Our World will be available on Apple App Store and Google Play but currently has no release date.


Fate/Grand Order NA Announces the 1 Million Downloads Celebration Campaign!

It's that time of the year again! The weather is changing, white girls flock to pumpkin spice lattes, and Fate/Grand Order has managed to reach 1 million downloads! To celebrate, Fate/Grand Order USA has announced the aptly-named "1 million download campaign!"

The first part of this event is the Facebook campaign, and it has already reached its goals. With 10,000 Likes and 2,000 Shares completed, all players of Fate/Grand Order will receive 18 Saint Quartz, 4 Summon Tickets, and 3 Golden Fruits! Additionally, from 2017-09-07 04:00 UTC, until 09-21 03:59 UTC, players who log in will be treated to 10 Mana Prisms per day - for a total of 130 Mana Prisms!

Additionally, all Chaldea Gate Dailies, save for Ember Gatherings, will enjoy a ½ AP Cost Reduction! 'Enter the Treasure Vault' will enjoy ½ AP during from 2017-08-31 7:00 UTC - 09-07 3:59 UTC. 'Duel with the Three Knights,' the 'Four Cavalries', and 'Monster Hunting' AP costs will be slashe…

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 18 Character Breakdown Released!

Bandai Namco has released a new character breakdown video featuring the newly revealed Android 18 in the upcoming Dragon Ball fighting title, Dragon Ball FighterZ.

To introduce the new character, Bandai Namco invites Gaming streamer, Hellpockets. The video reveals 18’ss basic attacks but highlights 18’s unique puppet fight, Android 17, who can be summoned by players to perform specific attacks that can be used in the player’s combo.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is due out worldwide in early 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A Closed Beta will take place on 16th-18th September.

'Terra Battle 2' and 'Terra Wars' Character Trailers Show Off More of the Upcoming Games

I know that a lot of our readers are looking forward to getting their hands on Terra Battle 2and Terra Wars, the upcoming games from Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, so I'm sure you will enjoy the new trailers that show off the characters you'll encounter or play as in both games. The Terra Battle 2 one shows off characters like Kit, Kukurakan, Piz'Fa, and many others, and I really like the art in the trailer.

The Terra Wars one is probably going to give you a headache because of how it's edited, but if you manage to make it through, you'll see the claymation models the game will be using, and they look quite cool. I'm glad to see that the games are using two distinct art styles, and I'm always a sucker for claymation no matter the content.

Terra Battle 2 is the sequel to the social RPG Terra Battle, which was quite successful and fun to play. Terra Wars will offer a whole new world and story and re-designed gameplay, so expect the two upcoming g…

Iris M Officially Launches Worldwide

ENP Games has officially launched mobile MMO Iris M worldwide. The game was previously called Light of Aiaran and with the official launch, new server has opened along with some new contents. If you have been playing Light of Aiaran, you won't be affected by the name change and the addition of new server.

Iris M is an open world mobile MMO for those who like traditional grinding MMOs with social features. Below are the main gameplay systems of the game.

Real-time Open Field Battles!
Real time PvE, PVP and PvPvE with your friends and guildmates in dedicated gamemodes and in the Open World itself.

Open up your wings!
Upgrade colorful wings to unleash your true power... and to show others where you stand.

Explore the Dungeons!
Explore 25 different dungeons with your companions, including special Challenge Dungeons to hunt for specific goodies and adjustable difficulty to aim for the best rewards.

Unique Character Customization
Create your character by choosing from three different r…

Nexon Launches Blackjack Inspired Mobile RPG Battlejack

We've long suspected that mobile games are thinly veiled gambling apps and this week Nexonpresented another piece of evidence to that effect.

Teaming up with Finnish mobiles studio Grand Cru, Nexon has just released a blackjack inspired mobile RPG called Battlejack. You read that right, a RPG based on the casino game Blackjack.
Based on the trailer, Battlejack seems to borrow heavily from Japanese connect 3 RPGs like Puzzle & Dragon. Players progress through stages by playing cards that power up collectible heroes. The game promises a story driven main quest with over 100 levels. The core gameplay loop should sound familiar. Players unlock new, random heroes and upgrade/fuse them for stronger and stronger characters.

The cartoon art style is inviting, and its obviously not anime themed which is a welcomed change of pace in this genre. With that said, without the anime waifu collecting element, I don't know if there will be an audience for this game. The bizarre theme was …

Mobile RPG DanMachi Memoria Freese gets English localisation in 2018

Light novel and TV anime series Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか), which is also known as DanMachi, released a mobile game in June this year. The turn-based RPG, Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Memoria Freese, is now getting an English localisation for regions outside Japan.

The game is originally developed by Wright Flyer Studios. The overseas version will be developed, run, and managed by GREE, Inc. while localisations will be supported by Sumitomo Corporation. It is estimated to be available early 2018.

▍Japanese Version 

▍About DanMachi A light novel written by Fujino Omori (大森藤ノ), the story follows Bell Cranel, an adventurer who fights in the dungeon in order to be a better man and a suitable man for his crush Aiz Wallenstein. More than 8 million copies have been sold so far. A TV anime adaption was made in Spring 2015, followed by a spin-off anime in April 2017.

Bungo Stray Dogs’ mobile RPG is ready for pre-registration

Manga and anime series Bungo Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス) announced a mobile game earlier this year. The title Bungo Stray Dogs: Mayoiinu Kaikitan (文豪ストレイドッグス 迷ヰ犬怪奇譚) is finally ready for pre-registration.

Developed by Ambition, Mayoiinu Kaikitan is an RPG that involves “sling battles”. It will share the same universe and characters with the original manga while having extra stories at the same time. Nothing more about the gameplay has been provided.

The release date is yet to be announced.
Pre-registration Rewards

Over 10,000: Gacha ticket x1Over 20,000: Gem x25Over 30,000: gacha ticket (one SR ensured) x1Over 40,000: Gem x25Over 50,000: SR Atsushi Nakajima (voiced)
▲ SR Atsushi Nakajima
About Bungo Stray Dogs
Bungo Stray Dogs is a manga written by Kafka Asagiri (朝霧カフカ) and illustrated by Sango Harukawa (春河35). It has been made into two seasons of anime series. The story revolves around Armed Detective Agency, where the protagonists who possess super natural power work to combat against the…

Gesture-drawing battler Swipe Casters mobile game coming next week

We've seen a bunch of casual role-playing games, most of which tell nothing other than that the protagonist starts an adventure and meets a bunch of enemies. Players' mission is simple too, that is to destroy all the enemies in the way and become a hero from nobody. How to make the game stand out among others of its kind, draw players' attention and be liked by them, is a trial for every developer. A spell casting fantasy battler called Swipe Casters is coming to meet mobile gamers on August 30th.

Swipe Casters is made by developer Ogre Pixel, who has created the fantastic castle defense/shooter Warcher Defenders and the top-down dungeon adventure Black Tower Enigma. All the three games adopt the same retro pixel art while are completely different in gameplay. When a player meets an enemy, the player needs to use the finger to draw a specific gesture by connecting dots on the screen, and powerful spells will be cast against nasty creatures. The time for players to draw ges…

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is coming to Android

Here’s a weird one. Square Enix has just announced Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, an episodic chibi-style remake coming to Android this autumn.

Apparently it aims to be the very same experience, just bitesize, which would be quite the achievement. We’re all down for driving around a cute little version of FFXV‘s world though. Sign us up!

In total, there’ll be 10 episodes and the first one will be free at launch. That’s decent news as this is an incredibly ambitious idea, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to see it for myself before I commit.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a chibi-style remake for mobile

For those who’ve lived in a cave their entire life, Final Fantasy XV is the latest entry in Square Enix’s enormous JRPG franchise. It’s the first entry to have a truly open world to explore as well.

Final Fantasy XV follows protagonist Prince Noctis on a road trip with his friends. He’s en route to marry his fiancee Luna when he discovers that his homeland has been ta…

Caravan Stories Exceeds 1.5 Million Registrations

Japanese Mobile/PC cross-platform MMORPG Caravan Stories has already exceeded 1.5 million registered users. That marks a record in Japan, and shows how high the demand is for Caravan Stories.

First teased around this time last year, the game is nearing closed beta. At least in Japan. A very short CBT will begin on August 22 and run until the 24th. Servers will only be accessible from 14:00-22:00 daily.

To celebrate the game's 1.5 million pre-registration milestone, the studio is giving away 1.5 million YEN (~$15,000) in the form of LINE, Rakuten, or Amazon Prepaid cards. That's right, cold hard cash. There are multiple ways to enter including twitter, email, and through the LINE app. Each method corresponds with one of the three prepaid card brands. Check out the official event announcement page to get all the details if you want to try and win.

Still no word on when Caravan Stories will make it to the West, but if the game meet expectations in Japan it shouldn't take lon…

Bandai Namco Is Bringing Tekken To Your Phone

Tekken, one of the world's best known fighting game franchises is getting a mobile release. Bandai Namco"soft launched" the iOS and Android versions of Tekken on August 18, 2017 in Canada. No global launch date has yet been released, but if the Canadian soft launch does well, it shouldn't take long.

This is by no means the first time a fighting game was released for mobile devices. Injustice 2, and Marvel: Contest of Champions are both very success games.

I haven't played Tekken mobile yet, but if they found an acceptable way to get around the control limitations of mobile devices, then it may not be long until we see other classic franchises making the leap!

Check out the official page where you can pre-register to stay updated on the game's progress in your region. Also, check out the announcement trailer for Tekken mobile below:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For m…

MMORPG Black Desert Online is getting a mobile port

Pearl Abyss finally announced a much requested mobile port of their popular PC MMORPG Black Desert Online. Today (16th August), the developer launched a Korean teaser site that plays a short clip of the mobile gameplay.

The video shows a bit of boss battle, fishing and mining. Although one of the boss fights is set in a dark area, it is not known whether the game supports day/night cycle like the PC game does. In addition, it is not sure if it will be localised since the gameplay shown is in Korean. More information will be announced in due time.

Black Desert Online was first released in Korean in 2015. It is set in a fantasy world where two countries, the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia, are in conflict. The PS4 and Xbox One ports are currently in development.

For more update about Black Desert mobile, you can follow Mobile gaming on Google Play…

Bushiroad’s Kemono Friends mobile game coming this year

Bushiroad previously announced a mobile game based on Kemomo Friends (けものフレンズ). The title called Kemono Friends Pavilion (けものフレンズぱびりおん) will be released this year.

Beside a mobile game, a mobile alarm app called Kemono Friends Alarm (けものフレンズあらーむ) will also be launched by the same developer in this Summer. It will contain collectible recordings from characters of the franchise.

Originally a mobile RPG produced by Nexon, Kemono Friends is created by Keroro Gunso’s manga artist Mine Yoshizaki (吉崎 観音). The game was however terminated in December 2016 after just a few months of service. The story revolves around Japari Park, a zoo where wild animals worldwide reside. One day, the animals become personified due to the appearance of a mysterious substance. Season two of the anime was confirmed recently.

For more update about Kemono Friends, you can follow Mobile gaming …

Hugely Successful Ragnarok Mobile Is Going Global (In English)

Gravity inked a deal with Ragnarok Mobile developer Shanghai Dream Network Technology to launch the game worldwide. Shanghai Dream is a Chinese gaming company that licensed the Ragnarok Online franchise from Gravity then made a mobile version of it and it looks like Gravity is turning around and licensing it to bring the game to players outside of China.

Gravity announced plans to first release the game in Taiwan and Hong Kong sometime this year, followed by South Korea and Southeast Asia. While no Western release has yet to be confirmed, a Southeast Asian version means it'll be available in English. The Chinese version of the game remains quite popular and will be gettin ga bit update called Episode 2.0 which adds new areas and 2 new classes (monk / Crusaders), as well as a new pet system.

Those who want to play Ragnarok Mobile right now can do so, but the game is naively in Chinese. There is an unofficial English patch though.


Fate/Grand Order announces the Moon Goddess Event; Pre-launch Campaign

We finally have a conclusive start date for Fate/Grand Order's next event! Starting August 17th, the "Does Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings?" event goes live!

However, players need to keep in mind that Fate/Grand Order NA is following the original JP timeline. This event happened in Japan just under two years ago! Information is subject to change in the NA Event, but we have comprehensive information of what to expect! Information courtesy of Cirnopedia.

An all-new Archer-class servant, Orion, featured in the promotional art above!Increased Gacha rates on Orion, Marie Antoinette, Stheno, Ushiwakamaru, and Jing Ke.Increased drop rates on Bathing Moon Goddess, Moony Jewel, and Mooncell Automaton Craft Essences
On top of that, Players can trade in their Moon Dangos (which have been re-named to dumplings in the North American version, it seems), for EXP cards, Ascension monuments to the Archer, Rider, and Assassin classes, and Craft Essences!

The event will run from 08-17-201…

Summoners War clears $1 billion in lifetime revenues three years after launch

Com2uS' Summoners War has now surpassed $1 billion in lifetime revenues since launching in 2014.

The game surpassed $890 million in global revenues in July 2017 after hitting 80 million downloads. Com2uS also stated in its Q2 FY17 financials that the game had generated $890 million in revenues from outside of Korea.

As well as celebrating this milestone, the company is hosting a Summoners War World Arena Championship, with a prize pool of $100,000. Nine regional matches will be held around the world, with the finals taking place in the US in November.

A total of 16 finalists will be flown out by Com2uS for the finals. They will also win prize money for their regional wins, as well as a rare figurine.

A global festival "This championship event is not limited to a specific region but it's rather a global festival where all users around the world can come together", said David Mohr, General Manager at Gamevil Com2uS Europe.

"We are very happy to be able to give ba…

Fire Emblem Heroes New Hero Fest Summoning Focus Now Live!

A new Fire Emblem Heroes summoning focus named "Hero Fest" has just gone live!

A new Fire Emblem Heroes summoning focus named "Hero Fest" has just gone live!

The new focus is part of Fire Emblem Heroe’s Starter Support Event, and features 5★ Ike, Ninian, Julia, and Genny. Additionally, there will also be a support log-in x2 orbs.

The new Hero Fest summoning focus will last until 18th August.

Fire Emblem Heroes is turn-based tactical RPG in which players play the role of a summoner who summons iconic heroes from the many Fire Emblem titles. Battles take place in an 8×6 tile map and players will have to put their heroes attributes and abilities as well as the terrain of the map into consideration in order to gain victory.

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Pokemon GO Players Beat Magikarp Raid Using Only Magikarp

Behold, the most pathetic battle possible in Pokemon GO.

Magikarp, as many of you know, cannot actually attack in Pokemon GO: It only has Splash, which is useless, and Struggle, which is... slightly less useless, but still kinda futile. You wouldn't want to bring a Magikarp into a raid battle, which are supposed to be Pokemon GO's toughest challenges.

Hilariously, Pokemon GO has also made Magikarp into a low-tier raid boss. Normally, anyone taking on a Magikarp raid just beats a defenseless fish up. It's borderline bullying, because Magikarp can't really do much back. But here is what happens if you take a bunch of Magikarp to fight a giant Magikarp, courtesy of zecmo. Skip to around the 2:24 mark if you just want to see the battle:

At first, the players don't even know if winning the battle is possible. "Are we going to time out?" one fan asks. "You can just keep struggling!" another responds. "Struggle for life! Nonstop struggle!" A…

MMORPG TERA Online Mobile Adaptation Announced

Netmarble Games has announced today (2nd August) that a mobile adaptation of the hit MMORPG, TERA, is being developed by Bluehole Squall.

TERA M will be set 100 years after TERA, in a time where the Giant race rules over Arborea and the other races. As their tyranny reaches its pinaccle, a single Aman boy establishes an independant army to fight against the Giants.

TERA M takes the elegant animations and fast fluent actions of TERA, to create a new mobile title. The game was initially announced at the Netmarble Together with Press earlier in January this year. Players will be able to pre-register for the game and follow the latest information on the game’s official website here.

2B, 9S and A2 from NieR debut in mobile RPG SINoALICE on 24/8

Square Enix’s mobile RPG SINoALICE (シノアリス) finally announced that the collaboration event with its sister work, NieR: Automata, is going to launch on 24th August. In this much anticipated event, players will be able to acquire characters from NieR.

NieR’s 2B, A2, 9S, Emil, Beauvoir (amusement park boss), as well as weapons and gears will be available on the event map, via medal exchange and via gacha.

A preview video of 2B’s story in SINoALICE has been released. The event scenario is written by the creator of both games, Yoko Taro (橫尾太郎). It will also be accompanied by NieR’s original scores.

“Without noticing my distorted feeling, what did 9S dream about? I asked him on purpose.
It seems like my body signaled ‘almost begins’ when it went through memory check.
Dream…it must be a dream.
Reality and virtuality combined – this is a world of scream and pain.”

Besides, SINoALICE has entered the second phase today (2nd August). One of the most important updates in this phase is the colosse…