2B, 9S and A2 from NieR debut in mobile RPG SINoALICE on 24/8

Square Enix’s mobile RPG SINoALICE (シノアリス) finally announced that the collaboration event with its sister work, NieR: Automata, is going to launch on 24th August. In this much anticipated event, players will be able to acquire characters from NieR.

NieR’s 2B, A2, 9S, Emil, Beauvoir (amusement park boss), as well as weapons and gears will be available on the event map, via medal exchange and via gacha.

A preview video of 2B’s story in SINoALICE has been released. The event scenario is written by the creator of both games, Yoko Taro (橫尾太郎). It will also be accompanied by NieR’s original scores.

“Without noticing my distorted feeling, what did 9S dream about? I asked him on purpose.
It seems like my body signaled ‘almost begins’ when it went through memory check.
Dream…it must be a dream.
Reality and virtuality combined – this is a world of scream and pain.”

Besides, SINoALICE has entered the second phase today (2nd August). One of the most important updates in this phase is the colosseum launched tomorrow.

The colosseum is a PVP mode that allows team battles as large as 15 vs 15.  An official battle that lasts 20-minute will be hosted once everyday. The team who has more health left win.

For more update about SINoALICE, you can follow Mobile gaming on Google Play Newsstand.

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