Heist as a Goat! Goat Simulator PAYDAY Mobile Game Available Now

Step one, break out of the Zoo. Step two, break into a bank

The game 'Goat Simulator' made by Coffee Stain Studios has attracted a lot of attention worldwide since as early as late 2015, and, if you may recall, that's when the developer disclosed that they would push out a DLC or a brand new game known as "Super Secret", which has gone nowhere and been forgotten. The latest game, named Goat Simulator PAYDAY, in the Goat Simulator franchise released on iOS and Android this week finally made the "Super Secret" come to light.

Like PAYDAY, players can purchase a variety of masks in the game. These weird masks don't make any sense but I believe you will like them. Besides, there are like 14 new mutators to unlock, which will bring you more fun.

The game has been released on the App Store and Google Play for $4.99. Don't miss out!

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