A new Pokemon game called PokeLand has been announced for mobile.

Starting today and running up through June 9, PokeLand will undergo alpha testing in Japan on Android devices. This alpha test build of the game will feature 52 stages, 15 floors of the Champion Tower to climb, and 134 different Pokemon to discover.

PokeLand will require an internet connection to play, and feature new islands to unlock, as well as a detector that can be used once every 30 minutes to help you locate Pokemon. Players will also be able to power up their figures using the in-game Gear and P they've acquired.

There's no word on when the game will release or if it will make its way outside of Japan. IGN has reached out to The Pokemon Company for more information regarding the title and when it might be available in other territories.

Pokemon Rumble got its start on Wii and has since received several followup titles, including Pokemon Rumble Blast for 3DS and Pokemon Rumble U for Wii U. The latest entry in the Pokemon Rumble series, Pokemon Rumble World, released as a free-to-play game for 3DS in 2015.

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