Real-time Strategy Game Majestia Now on Android and iOS

Majestia from Com2uS is a tactical mobile game launched recently on both Android and iOS. Majestia features impressive visuals, stunning gameplay and mixes with card elements.

In this role-playing game, players can select different historical and mythological heroes and combines thrilling battles with strategy. Various heroes of 5 different unions are included in Majestia, eastern, western, olympus, fantasy and dark. You need to think tactical and know well about different heroes' strengths in order to defeat the enemy and claim victory. The tactics you can use such as united attack, deception and supply route. 

The game is free to play and able to battle against your friends or compete against users worldwide in the global ranking list. There are three game modes available on the game, single player mode, quick battle and arena mode. The higher level you on the more difficult checkpoints will unlock for you.

The game is now available to download and play, download Majestia APK on MoboPlay. 

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