Mobile RPG Logres heads to UK and US after racking up eight million downloads in Japan

Marvelous Inc and Aiming Inc have launched their turn-based RPG Logres of Swords and Sorcery in English-speaking territories under the new name of Logres: Japanese RPG.

The game is now available on iOS and Android in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US. Aside from a change in name, little else has been altered to keep its "unapologetically Japanese" style.

To entice players in, users who create an account and finish the first quest will receive all the benefits made available to pre-registered players. This offer will end on June 28th 2017.
Stick around and pour some money in

The Western release of Logres was announced back in March 2017 after it had achieved eight million downloads in its home country of Japan. A closed beta test ran through April 2017 to help spark interest in the title.

As well as generating eight million downloads, more importantly the game is said to have a very impressive LTV. Back in 2015, Marvelous Europe's former General Manager Harry Holmwood claimed the game once had an ARPU of $200 a month.

You can download Logres at google play and app store.

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