Dark and Light Mobile Game to Have the Initial Beta Test Soon, Opening Pre-Registration Now

Dark and Light mobile game unveils the mounts evolution system for the first time. The game is now opening the pre-registration for the first beta test on iOS and Android.

Dark and Light mobile game is the official mobile 3D fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) developed by Snail Games based on the Dark and Light PC game. Dark and Light mobile game will retain the vast open world fantasy survival sandbox gameplay from the PC version, and will be optimised for mobile devices. Developed using Snail Games' own Flexi 3 engine, Metal rendering technology and Unity Ragdoll, the mobile game is to present a lively fantasy epic by providing free, vast open world gameplay including seamless maps, dynamic events and mounts evolution, as well as the classic two opposing factions and guild battles.

The mounts evolution system in the game has been revealed recently. In the world of Dark and Light mobile game, with players' careful nurturing, even the commonest steed can fly and rule the sky eventually.

When players feed their mounts to accumulate properties and upgrade the levels, the mounts will change entirely, not only getting a more beautiful appearance and stronger properties, but also being able to fly. You will never need to worry that your mounts will be outdated.

Dark and Light mobile game is set to start the first beta test soon. You can pre-register for the beta test on the official webiste (Chinese), and follow Mobile gaming google play newsstand for more update about Dark and Light mobile game.

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