Play My VR Girlfriend on mobile

My VR GirlFriend is a casual VR game developed by China mobile developer Silver Moon. Player will act as a senior photographer encounters a beautiful heroine called Xiaomei to interact with her, dating and fall in love with her.

The game is using the latest VR technology to make the game very real with and even without VR glasses. With the most real expressions capture system to let you feel like you are dating with a real girlfriend and romance your way into her virtual heart.

My VR girlfriend allows using your eyes to control the game under VR mode. There are two main contents under certain mode that are watching mode and gaming mode. For watching mode, you can choose to interact with Xiaomei by taking photos. By the way, her favorite games are to catch crabs on the beach and play slots those are in the gaming mode.

The game also features a panoramic 360 degree view of the game scene for you to enjoy the time you spend with your VR girlfriend. A variety of clothes, hair, accessories and more are available in the game for you to customize your girlfriend. Download and play My VR Girlfriend  APK (Chinese Version) , have fun and enjoy yourself.

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