Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition now available on iOS, android verison is coming soon

The most well-known fighting game in the world, Street Fighter always has a pivotal position in the fighting game history. Capcom revealed it was working on Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition in May. Now the game is lived on iOS devices for $6.99 and Android is coming later this year.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition features a number of updates to the original's formula by offering higher resolution graphics and new characters including Poison, Ibuki and Dudley. Up to 25 street fighter characters are available to choose from, including three new characters. Capcom has also mentioned that six more new characters are coming as free update after.

Intuitive virtual pad controls allow players to execute full move sets including unique attacks, special moves, focus attacks, super combos and ultra combos. Most of players may concern about gaming experiences with MFi controllers, there are four difficulty levels and a control scheme that support MFi controllers in multiplayer and single-player gameplay. (MFi controllers don't work in menus).

The game is now officially launched on iOS devices, Android is coming very soon.

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